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In line with our vision and the requirements that will be imposed on future Property Technology systems, we are currently developing a powerful system support aimed at the real estate industry. We call it AV Core. AV Core is a cloud-based system platform that provides exciting opportunities to tailor functionality and tools to meet the specific needs of our customers. The whole idea behind the project is to develop solutions with clear customer benefit and focus on simplified processes, better planning, and increased integration between systems and functions. With the realisation of AV Core, we want to contribute an innovative tool for modern property management.


Powerful tools with clear functions

The AV Core platform is designed specifically for those wanting to work in a modern and integrated manner, with clear guidelines and better flow in your daily work. The platform connects to mobile applications, adapted to different tasks and work areas. The strength of both the desktop and the app version is that all data is gathered under one roof, in one single system. In practice, this means that one and the same app can manage data from multiple system applications, such as measurement and planning, energy optimisation, technical management, and project monitoring.


Our experience linked to direct customer benefit

Avector has extensive experience in developing solutions in three main areas:
Operation and Maintenance, Energy Monitoring, and Project Monitoring. These areas are closely linked through intersections, so that all essential data and documentation – such as manuals, drawings, operational and maintenance instructions, and warranties – are saved in the transfer of properties between different branches and occupational roles. Apart from the three main areas, additional services can be connected in order to manage areas such as inventory, entrepreneur contracts, process improvements, and structuring of the property portfolio and all its components.

AV Core is the very hub of our offer, with the flexibility to develop system solutions that realise your ideas with regard to functionality and areas of application. Initially, we have chosen to create a framework that focuses on the following main areas:

• Planning and technical documentation of construction projects
• Procurement, supplier assessment, contract management
• nHandling of technical management, including work planning, work orders, and inspections
• Further development of meter reading data collection for supply media and optimisation
• Monitoring of statistics, such as lead times, jobs, consumption, and finances

Secure documentation

The AV Core platform is designed as an open solution in order to integrate with various systems and handle large sets of data. In our view, the ability to maintain information, documentation, and traceability is one of the major benefits of the new systems. With the ability for users to follow up previous projects and jobs, you gain access to valuable documentation that provides the basis for future business development and business decisions.

Take advantage of our knowledge

Thanks to our collaborations and continuous market monitoring, Avector has access to current and business-related industry knowledge, which we gladly share. In our advisory consulting role, we can provide expertise in how to sharpen your processes, how to make them less resource-intensive and more profitable for you and your business.

A vision rooted in your reality

We listen to and address the challenges and requirements facing our customers and partners. All our systems and services are developed in close collaboration with the various players in the business community. It is through that dialogue that, together, we create the future innovations that facilitate the work for our customers, both administratively and operationally. With this in mind, we always welcome your views on how to make the systems even better, safer, and smarter.


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