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Volvo Group Real Estate


Volvo Group Real Estate manages the Volvo Group’s real estate and contributes to growth through collaboration and professional services in facility and workplace services. The company has approximately 350 employees in about 60 locations in 35 countries and manages 8 million square metres of facility surface.



Volvo Group Real Estate was among the first to want a cloud-based solution for its technical facility management. The requirements list included a quality-assured system provider, able to handle a large and extensive property portfolio as well as subcontractors working in the system. This was needed in order to continuously take inventory of properties, update objects, produce procurement materials, and work descriptions, etc. aimed at streamlining facility maintenance.
Since 2001, Avector AB has provided both services and systems for operation and maintenance to Volvo Group Real Estate, and has been involved in the work with developing and implementing new concepts for the entire organisation. Thanks to insight into the overall strategy and close contact with those carrying out the different technical services, we had solid knowledge of what was required to achieve the desired goals.

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Avector AB took inventory of and completed Volvo Group Real Estate’s property portfolio and created a unified structure of property and object names. Work descriptions were produced for each individual object type as well as maintenance requirements lists. User activity was controlled by permissions and linked to work contracts in order to reduce discrepancies in property data and to adjust the system workflow, providing procedures for, among other things, work order receipts. Once that was done, the work with streamlining flows and reporting could begin.



Volvo Group Real Estate now has well-established and unified procedures for its facility management. Changes when switching subcontractors are easily implemented using work contracts and accrual of object inspections and maintenance. At inventory, acquisitions, and/or new construction, the lead time is short and the facility register is kept up to date with the correct information. Continued close collaboration between Volvo Group Real Estate and Avector AB enables continuous refining of procedures to achieve more cost-effective facility maintenance. Thanks to improved quality of deliveries from external subcontractors, tenants are more satisfied and the life of the properties is extended.


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