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AB Sjöbohem is a progressive real estate company at the forefront of technological development. The company lacked a natural transition between various fields in facility management. What they were looking for was a partner that could bridge control technology as well as technical and financial management. Technology had finally caught up with the company’s vision and could now be realised. The basic idea was to utilise technology for collecting and processing data to allow the staff’s skills to be used for value-creating tasks and analyses.



AB Sjöbohem wanted a modern system that took energy monitoring to another level by automatic meter reading and that contained an analysis tool that clearly demonstrated the need for and results of energy conservation. A key requirement was that the system could be supplemented to handle temperature sensors and motion in order to measure comfort levels and property usage. The goal was to transition to event-driven maintenance, where the staff and their skills could be used where they were needed, and to integrate systems for seamless work and information flows.

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Avector’s solution is built on the AV Core system platform, which is designed to handle and sort large amounts of data. The properties’ control systems and IoT technology were connected to a SCADA solution where data for statistics and analysis are sent to the energy monitoring system through common databases and an API. Energy monitoring was expanded with modules to handle forecast and budget monitoring. As a complement, a mobile app for meter readings was developed. During the course of the project, AB Sjöbohem and Avector worked closely together to ensure that all requirements were met and to discuss new areas of use.



Ensured data collection has led to better supporting documentation when working with energy issues. In addition, automatic meter reading has reduced the time required for transports between properties for manual readings. Thanks to forecast and budgeting tools, administrative work has decreased and a better follow-up is presented automatically. This has also provided a better basis for decision-making in terms of new investments in energy conservation measures.


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