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Coor is one of the Nordic region’s leading Facility Management providers, offering all the services required for businesses in the private or the public sector to function well and efficiently. Coor has expertise in workplace services, facility services, and strategic consultation. The company provides facility management services to Avector’s customers. They handle the technical management in Avector’s system.



Working daily in Avector’s system, Coor’s staff identified the need for more efficient work planning, work order management, and internal administrative management. The mission was to develop an integrated tool for planning and monitoring work orders, and to simplify management and reporting of the jobs that the technicians were to carry out.

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Avector AB has extensive experience in both work planning and mobile tools. We developed a desktop tool for Coor that retrieved work orders from the maintenance system and placed them in the calendars of the technicians. The technicians receive their jobs to be performed in a mobile app, their main tool for managing work orders. The app is also used for reporting and recording time as well as for deviations, such as meetings and sick leave. This provides a great overview in terms of planning and workload for each individual employee.



The allocation and planning of tasks have been streamlined, reducing the work required. The implementation of new tools has also resulted in better deliveries and reduced costs. Avector and Coor continue to work closely to further optimise the tools that make the work more efficient and better suited to new requirements. Functionality for systematic occupational health and safety work is one example of this, a checklist for performing safe electrical work is another. The payback period for functionality developed is usually a few months.


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