IWMS – Integrated Workplace
Management System

Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers offers five fully integrated software solutions that are based on a single source of the truth, are ‘integrated by design’ and available in any combination. All solutions come with Planon’s best practice called Accelerator, including pre-configured processes, workflows, catalogues, roles, reports and dashboards.


Real Estate Management

Maximise your real estate’s contribution to business results with lower costs.

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Space & Workplace Management

Continuously optimise workplace concepts and capacity to fit with business requirements and decrease costs.

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Asset & Maintenance Management

Retain assets in a predefined condition to support business continuity in a compliant and cost efficient way.

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Integrated Services Management

Optimise people-centric services that increase workforce productivity and satisfaction with lower costs.

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Sustainability Management

Ensure compliant reporting, improve CSR, and support projects to reduce consumptions, emissions, and costs.

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All solutions come with Planon’s “best practice” called Accelerator, which contains preconfigured processes, workflows, guides, roles, reports and dashboards.


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